One on One Intensive ABA Treatment

Our Intensive Treatment is a specialized approach to education. It is a very active teaching and learning process that is driven by outcomes. Teaching is individually tailored to each child and in the beginning stages rely heavily on one-to-one therapy. The focus includes communication, cognitive, play, social, self-help and other functional skills.

The number of direct intervention hours provided to a child is at an average of 35 hours per week. Sessions are typically provided in 3-hour blocks of time, and may occur five days per week. Treatment duration typically lasts more than 2 years.

The specific number of hours that are appropriate for a child depends on numerous factors such as age of child, school placement when appropriate, and ancillary services, etc.

What does it include?

  • One therapist to one child
  • Tailor-made curriculum according to the assessed need of the child
  • Learning via play and practice in different settings
  • Learning data and progress is recorded
  • Weekly supervision by Case Consultants
  • Monthly Progress meetings

1:1 session does not mean the child is alone with the teacher all the time. We strive to provide a natural and open environment resembling a typical kindergarten. The open plan of our office ensures plenty of social opportunities for our students to engage with their peers. Fun activities and small group learning settings are planned throughout the day to facilitate their social development.

Social skills program

AP has a variety of social programs that are tailored to each child’s individual needs. Starting with basic skills, such as peer interest, to more complex ones, we aim to teach a wide range of social skills through fun and natural activities.


What are some of the social skills taught in AP?

– peer interest
– social initiation
– observational learning
– interactive play
– joining-in and participation
– playground rules
– discussion and conversation
– perspective-taking
– negotiation
– emotion regulation
– following rules