Parent Education

Parent education and skills training is an integral part of Autism Partnership’s model of service. Parent involvement and ability to implement ABA strategies are essential for obtaining the best long-term outcome for a child. Training sessions are aimed at improving the skills of parents and are individualized to each parent and child that may include areas such as: toileting, eating problems, sleeping issues and developing skill areas such as compliance and speech and play skills. Alternatively, trainings can be done at home to help parents manage daily challenges.

Parents education package

• Parent Expertise Session
This session is run by the child’s therapy team and provides parents with individualized hands-on practice during session hours.

• Parent Training Series
This program is designed to help parents understand the principles of ABA. Over 2 hour weekly didactic sessions for 6 weeks, parents learn about the causes of problem behavior and the appropriate intervention strategies. Each subject is supplemented with exercises and assignments to better facilitate individual application.

• Clinic Meeting
Once a month, during a designated ‘clinic week’, meetings are arranged for supervisors and parents to discuss programs and progress, issues at home, and develop a general treatment plan. Parents have the opportunity to watch videos or observe part of the session.

• Home Observation
A staff member will make a visit for about an hour to observe and gain a clearer idea of the child’s issues at home.

• Records
Videos prepared for monthly clinic meetings are shared with parents upon request. Additionally, child’s program and data records can be checked out on Friday afternoon and returned the following Monday.

• Parent Observation Session
The Parent Observation Session is where parents actually observe the live session of the child with the case supervisor at AP Center. Objective of the programs and direction of the learnings curves will be shared between our clinicians and parents. It will be provided every other month where we do not have clinical meetings.