AP Consultant/Supervisor


Our team of consultants are comprised of doctorate and master degree holders and Board Certified Behavior Analysts with an average of 10 years of experience in planning implementing ABA intensive Behavioral Treatment. Other than local families, they also consult to families and agencies in other countries.


Tracee Parker (Ph.D., BCBA)
AP Korea Clinical Director

Tracee Parker has over 30 years conducting treatment and research in the field of ABA, Autism and Developmental Disabilities, with a particular concentration on social/sexual development, education, victimization and intervention. During her pre-doctoral training, she spent five years working with Dr. Ivar Lovaas on the UCLA Young Autism Project, and was closely involved in a number of studies, including long term treatment of young autistic children. Since earning a Doctoral degree in 1990, her professional experience has included: Publications and conference presentations (national and international), as well as training and consultation to a range of service agencies, school districts and families. Tracee is currently a Clinical Associate with Autism Partnership.

Daeun Son (M.Sc., BCBA)
Senior Supervisor

Daeun Son has a master’s degree in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). She joined Autism Partnership in 2013 when we established our first office in Seoul. She began working as a program specialist and is now working as a Senior Supervisor. She is responsible for training therapists, mentoring supervisors as well as consulting and training parents. Daeun also receives ongoing training and supervision from Dr. Tracee Parker in the Los Angeles office. Since 2018, she has been working actively with parents and professionals through various internal and public AP workshops and consultations.

Sarah Lee (BA)
Case Supervisor

Ms. Sarah Lee is a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Yonsei University. She joined Autism Partnership in 2014 and is experienced in working directly with students in one-on-one, social groups, and she also took part in an overseas project in our AP Manila office. Starting from 2017, Ms. Sarah has also been responsible for providing individual case supervision, working closely with Senior Supervisor / Consultant and families to assist in overseeing our student’s learning goals and progress. She also runs the school-readiness program to further enhance and equip our student’s ability to learn in a group/school settings. Furthermore, she also takes parts in therapist training program and parent training program. Ms. Sarah receives ongoing training from Dr. Tracee Parker (Ph.D – BCBA) – AP US, Toby Mountjoy (M. Sc. BCBA) – Director of AP and Daeun Son (M. Sc. BCBA) – Senior Supervisor of AP Korea


Sunhwa Jung (M.A. , BCBA)
Program Supervisor

Sunhwa Jungholds a master’s degree in education from Korea University and is a certified BCBA. Since joining AP in 2015, Sunhwa has worked with many children in 1:1 and group settings. She has a wide range of professional experiences including jumpstart, overseas project (AP Manila) and school shadowing. She starting overseeing individual cases in 2017 and continues to build her expertise by receiving ongoing supervision from Dr. Tracee Parker (AP Seal Beach), Toby Mountjoy (Director), and Daeun Son (AP Korea). As a program supervisor, she is currently involved in parent education, staff training and individual case supervision.


Sukyung Hwang (BA)
Program Supervisor

Sukyung Hwang is a graduate of Pusan National University. She joined Autism Partnership Korea in 2015 and has extensive experience in working with students in one-on-one and group settings. Currently, she is a program supervisor responsible for providing intensive individual case supervision, staff training, and parent education. Sukyung continues to develop her expertise and receives ongoing supervision from Dr. Tracee Parker (Ph.D – BCBA) – AP US, Toby Mountjoy (M. Sc. BCBA) – Director of AP and Daeun Son (M. Sc. BCBA) – Senior Supervisor of AP Korea.